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What is Netflix and what to watch easily with free sign up?

What is Netflix? 

Netflix is an American media services provider, headquartered in Los Gatos, California.  

Founders of Netflix 

Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded it in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California. The company's primary business is its online paid streaming media service, which offers to a stream of a library of films, series and television programs including originals from Netflix. 

What to watch on Netflix? 

Well, there is one of my friends who asked me, “Hey man, what should I watch on Netflix? 

My answers  


2.Television Series  
3.Netflix Original Movies  
4.Netflix Original Series  
5.Documentary Videos  
6.Anime (Animated Movies/Series for Children) 
7.Adult Movies (Not though Pornography)  
8.Netflix Video Games (to be launched) 

What are the best shows to watch on Netflix? 

Well by now you would be very much interested in Netflix. Netflix is worth entertaining for the price at which it provides monthly subscription. Well, it is not entirely free, but you can try it for a month after registering with your credit or debit card. But there are methods to watch Netflix for free forever.  

Excited! Aren’t you? 

Well if you want to watch Netflix for free read this post till the end. I have shared a unique method to watch Netflix just for .01$ per month.  

But wait,  

One of my friend’s girlfriend asked him, “What are the best movies on Netflix?” 

And my friend didn’t know even the basic answer.  

So he asked me, and I replied, 

“Do you want the list or the best movies?” 

He said I want the list of best movies on Netflix.  

And so here it is...  

Best action movies on Netflix 

Best anime on Netflix 

Best comedies on Netflix 

Best documentaries on Netflix 

Best family movies on Netflix 

Best horror movies on Netflix 

Best Netflix original series 

Best scary movies on Netflix 

Best thrillers on Netflix 

Best TV series on Netflix 

Best TV shows on Netflix 

How to do Netflix sign up easily for a free month?

Simplest Method:

Go to

Click on "Watch free for 30 days"

Now here are three steps to complete the subscription

Step 1 - Choose your plan. Choose from any of its three plans, and you won't be charged until your free month ends.

Click on "See the plan"

Now choose a plan that's right for you.

If You are on trial, I recommend you to select the Premium one so you can enjoy Ultra HD / 4K videos on 4 screens at the same time.

After choosing the plan click on "Continue" to proceed ahead.

Step 2 - Here in this step you have you will create your account. Use your best email and create a password to watch Netflix on any device at any time.

It says, Just two more steps and you're finished signing up. By the way who doesn't hate paperwork!

Step 3 - This is the final step where you set up your payment method. You can pay either through Credit or Debit Card. As of now, it accepts visa and master cards only.

You are also well instructed about the end date of your trial period and you cancel before said date if you don't want to charge.

However, What I liked most about the Netflix is its courtesy, they do remind you via email 3 days before the end date of the trial month.

And the hidden treasure -

No commitments. Cancel online at any time. Still, you get a month to enjoy confidentially your free subscription.

Here is a handy tip -

Even if you cancel early, your subscription will not end, you still get a month to watch Netflix so it is always a better idea to cancel your plan quickly in a couple of days or within a week to avoid any auto deduction of money just in case if you miss reading your email.

Now set up your credit or debit card then tick on I agree to terms of use, Privacy Statement and then click on start membership.

Immediately check your inbox to check your welcome email from Netflix with more instructions.

And here you are ready to watch endless streaming of movies, shows, and series absolutely signing up free for a month.


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