Why did I make this site on Netflix?

Well, though I’m not a big fan of Netflix, still I enjoy watching movies and TV shows especially original series from Netflix. Just because they are great in quality, climax and yes they are in 4K resolution. I didn’t know much about Netflix; even I had not used it until I got it my TV as an app for free and Voila! I also got one month of subscription for free. I enjoyed a lot for a month, but after a month Netflix was asking me a handsome amount of money to continue watching movies. And this is when my adversity began and an idea to get a blog on Netflix tricks, promo code, videos, and series ratings and free proxy and blah blah came into my mind. Though idea came creeping slowly, an action which I took was fast enough. I just grabbed this domain. Yeah, it seems like exact match domain, but it doesn’t make me the owner of the Netflix. Wish I could own the Netflix. Ha Ha Ha!

The idea is just not about making a blog around Netflix movies and series. The ultimate aim is to teach the person like me who are just starting with the Netflix. The usual problem which everyone faces while using the Netflix is we don’t get instant results in Netflix about any genre or actor, and in particular the outcome is never complete and satisfactory. It annoyed me and kept me impatient. There were moments when I used to pause Netflix and search my queries on Google like best new movies on Netflix, best horror movies on Netflix, etc. Most of the time the new button doesn’t work correctly and don’t show useful results. Well, I am not blaming or counting the cons of Netflix. But I’m trying to make you understand why I created this blog. 

It will be useful for if you are seeking Netflix movie ratings, New and upcoming movies details, Reviews and opinions and all category-wise details of movies and series based on genre and actors. 
Will try to keep this site updated and sync with real-time updates on Netflix. 

Love to see you here and will highly appreciate if you would leave your valuable thoughts in a comment below. 


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